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European Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Sciences is a peer-reviewed international research journal, which is multidisciplinary and publishes papers of an empirical or conceptual nature as well as literature reviews. A particularly suitable home for manuscripts of a cross disciplinary nature, European Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Sciences addresses both theoretical and practical issues in the areas of business administration, accounting, finance, economics, business technology, business education, marketing, management and business law.

European Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Sciences provides a professional outlet for scholarly works. Articles selected for publication provide valuable insight into matters of broad intellectual and practical concern to academicians and business professionals. The goal of the journal is to broaden the knowledge of both academicians and practitioners by promoting access to business-related research and ideas. The goal of the journal to publish insightful, innovative and impactful research on international business.

European Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Sciences is multidisciplinary in scope, and interdisciplinary in content and methodology. It seeks to publish manuscripts with cutting-edge research that breaks new ground, rather than merely making an incremental contribution to international business studies. Manuscripts should address real-world phenomena, problems or puzzles; recognize that their contributions stand on the shoulders of prior researchers to highlight what is interesting and different; and include a clear statement of what it is they contribute to international business research.

European Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Sciences is particularly interested in publishing innovative papers that start up or redirect a line of inquiry, integrate across disciplines rather than being single disciplinary, and are multi-level rather than single-level studies. Theories whose central propositions are distinctively international are encouraged, as are theories where both dependent and independent variables are international. Manuscripts that provide different perspectives, often deliberately controversial or challenging to mainstream views, are welcome if they advance international business theory.

Revue Européenne d'Economie, Finance et Sciences de l'Administration est un international, multidisciplinaire et à comité de lecture qui publie des manuscrits théoriquement solides. Elle accepte les revues des travaux antérieurs, les études qualitatives et quantitatives et les analyses conceptuelles. Elle publie des articles dans tous les principaux domaines de la gestion. La revue est aussi particulièrement indiquée pour les manuscrits de nature transdisciplinaire. La revue, plus particulièrement centrée sur des problématiques internationales et comparées, publie des contributions originales sur un grand nombre de thèmes liés à l’administration et aux politiques publiques. À l’avant-garde quant à l’impact et la pertinence des thèmes traités, elle s’adresse aux universitaires, aux praticiens et aux chercheurs dans le domaine d’economie, finance et l’administration publique.